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iPAD OS app design
my role: ux designer


At T-Mobile, I worked with multiple teams throughout my two year contract role as a UX designer. With the fraud and blind verification team, we designed iPAD OS Native Apps with the goal of reducing the vulnerability of unauthorized account access and fraud in retail stores nationwide for customers. During my time on the retail team we designed a Native OS APP switcher to be utilized by the in-store care teams nationwide.

A non-disclosure agreement restricts my ability to share further details related to the work I did with T-Mobile. However, please reach out to me for an offline overview of a case study.  

Tools Used: UXPin, Figma, Illustrator, JIRA

Key insights

Understanding Project Scope

 When working with cross-functional teams and the product experience touches several other applications – understanding the scope becomes challenging.  I created my own doc in Notion, breaking down the project into pieces so that I could understand the problem in my own words. Always ask questions!


Given the short timeline at various stages of design, I had to have consistent and clear communication channels with product owners, developers, and other teams throughout each design cycle. Prioritizing feedback became particularly crucial for projects that impacted other teams mid-flow. 


Given the project scope, prototyping was an integral part of our design and development process. It allowed us to clearly show stakeholders and developers how the product experience should look and function. It was also central in generating feedback from stakeholders and usability tests.